Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wow! Sugoi!


Wow! It's kinda amusing that I haven't been updating my blog for about a YEAR!
Hehehehe... Well, just being lazy for this year. Just dilly-dallying and do nothing except STUDYING. AhaH! You might say," Whaaat? Studying? You've got to be kidding me?" Right?
To tell you the truth I'm sort a nerd- but I don't wear thick glasses though. Well, since I'm still underage(according to my parents-lol), so I've got nothing else to do- except studying in my recent uni. BUt of course, I didn't study for 24/7 or for the entire year. I do have my own thing to do during leisure time. Reading is one of hobbies (but this year the number of books I bought keeps on declining compare to 2011- no money, haha, so what can I do? *shrug**shrug*). Since I'm unable to fulfill my NEEDS by reading novels, I spend tonnes of my times with my mini hp- watching anime, action-packed movies,etc,etc...

Who says a NERD must be a NERD? Even a nerd can be something else.

I'm (must be) Out of MY Mine,
Love- Sweet Lee_Anne