Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Suddenly, I've got the urge to listen to old English songs (the songs are NOT that old)
You know, there's BLUE- All rise, One Love; Westlife- Soledad, BackStreetBoys- Straight to my heart, incomplete...

These are among the songs that I still love to listen to. No matter how much the time past, old songs ROCK!

Let's rack up the MP3 with these oldies!! *Headphone by the ears, volume to the max*

Keep rocking!!!

'Bout needs and wants

Yo! Konichiwa. It's been a while since I wrote an entry for this blog. Just feeling lazy - as usual- LOL.. hahaha. Anyway, somehow today I felt like writing something.

This took place nearly two (2) weeks ago. You must say, "What! It's already been 2 weeks and only today YOU are posting it?!!!" Hahahahaha... The reason is simple. It just crossed my mind about this.

2 weeks ago, I have this personal talk with my dad while waiting for my mummy and my little sister ( I called her 'habuk' - hahahaha- because she's everywhere like dust and she called me 'kipas' since I always blow her away, well sometimes it is TOO tiring to handle my over-talkative, sugar-rushed sister) ANYWAY, back to the story, we were waiting for both of them buying food at a fast food restaurant, I took the chance to talk with my dad.

We talked about many things. About my degree later on, about the course that I will choose in future, studying overseas, financial planning, yada yada and the most thing that he stress on was about needs and wants.

Needs and wants.
Two different thing.
Both need to be/ can be fulfilled.

But STILL they are separate matters.
In short, needs is something that is very essential in our life. We must have them in order to satisfy our life or we might felt disappointed. Needs are like food, clothing and so on.

Yet, wants are another thing. We might want that certain thing, but we may not necessarily need it. For instance, a mobile phone. It is becoming a need right now to have a phone but it does not have to be the latest model. You should just get one according to your capability of buying. You might not see it now but in future you will get what I mean. Basic functions of a mobile phone are for calling and texting, That is merely enough. Get the latest phone model after you have secured stable job. Buying now, will be like wasting of your money and your time and you will regret it.

Wants may not necessarily fulfilled like I said just now. Wants are that feeling that will make you feel complete once you have it BUT it is not a required needs. That's before making a decision, please take consider of all matters and only then you can make your choice....

That was what my dad(Mr. Hero) said.

Just like life.
Life is complicated.

But that's what make life so interesting. (^^,)        >Sweet Lee Anne + Mr. Hero<

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nyum nyum nyum

Finally after many, MANY days, I feel like writing something on my blog. Hohoho... Nothing special just felling extremely lazy during those days my posts went AWOL. Haha- Lol.

Anyway, tonight my family dinner was quite special. NYum nyum. Even thinking of the meals again make me want to eat again.

So, today we have a little fiesta  with food. Be prepared.
*Drum rolling*

Before that, Our dinner was quite late today since me and mom overslept during the evening. We were quite tired today since there were guests in the house today. So, we started to prepare food from 7.15pm until 9.45 pm. Hahaha. That's quite a long time to prepare the food.

So here are the menu:-
         First, Beef Stew with chopped potatoes, carrots and celery.
         Then, Corn and Potato soup with straw mushroom and broccoli (plus some baguette bread with garlic butter)
         Lastly, mushroom-chicken dumpling with capsicum sauce.

It was a heaven with all the food there. My stomach is extremely bloated with the food that my mom and I cooked.

Hmmmm... What's for dinner tomorrow???

Feeling full yet still hungry,
Sweet Lee-Anne.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Evil lurks in me

I really hate people who doesn't want to give commitments. Can I kill you? (feeling  evil for a while)
*Sigh* I need your cooperation pal. If we are in this, we are in this together. If our plan backfired then we all die together.

So before I accidentally hit the wrong button, PLEASE lend me your hand. Come.
I wonder how things go extremely wrong between us? We used to be closed yet we are now so far away.
Just like the sky. It's empty. Sweet. Just like us. We are now empty. Perfect.

I'm really sorry if I'm the one who made things worst. But if you are wrong you need to lower your ego and just accept the face that you are wrong and I AM right.

I really wish to mend our friendship but if you are like that how am I suppose to repair the bridge that has already collapse. I don't want too prolong this matter. Like my Daddy say, this matter is only a small matter compare to what the reality actually offers.

Please, please, please open your eyes. View the world fairly. See through every inch of this world and face the fact that you have gone the wrong way. My only hope is to guide you and brings back the light that have been turned off. I know it will consume a lot of time. But I want the old you back. I miss the old time.

Really, truthfully. I want you back old friend. We have been astray and apart for far too long. It's the time to fix the road and continue our life. I don't want to live my life in regret. It sucks man.

Again, if I am wrong I am really, REALLY sorry. From my heart.

Feeling in the blues,
Sweet Lee-Anne...


Life is so complicated. Dot.

OR it it the people in the LIFE make it complicated?

Hmmmm... *Shrug*

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hmmm (In Confusion Mode)

It just had crossed my mind. I wonder and I really am wonder how people look at me? I mean what is their impression towards me. One of my friends said I always looked happy. My brother said I'm very strict and fierce. My old pal said "Dude, you're gentle yet you're very 'Ganas' "-lol. (during that time me and my friend Alya, we're rocking. hence come Dude)

Hmm.... Some people said it is very lucky to be me. I looked like I don't have any trouble, just always happy and smiling... Blablabla.

Hmm... How did you guys see me as? *Shrug* Who knows? Everyone has their own impression. I'm just lucky I've got a strong back supports. My LORD, my family, (my cats perhaps hehe (^^)v ).

Whatever. I'm just gonna live my life to its fullest while not neglecting my duties as HIS servant, as my parents' daughter.

Till then toodles,
Sweet Lee-Anne

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It's okay, it's alright. You can do it. No matter what they say, you'll ride through it.
Keep your head high (not being arrogant, okay?), walk on the way you like it.
You're strong. You can do it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

keep on fighting and never look back. that made who you are now....
keep on fighting and never look back. that made who you are now....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rango: The Majestic Cat

This time around I'm telling you about one of the two shy cats that have been living with my family for some quite time. The fella in the pic. is Rango. You must be asking, why Rango not some other classic name like Tom or Belang or Kelabu or else.
   The story behind its name is simple: My mom likes the actor Johnny Depp and she loves the 3-D cartoon(i think it's kinda a cartoon. Forgive me if i'm wrong) titled Rango. And hence the naming of the cat: Rango.
When I asked my mum why not just simple name? She replied,"It's boring." I swear my jaw almost dropped. Rango has been with us around March 2011, when I was 18. My father's friend gave the cat when it was still a kitten. Rango is now about 2 years and more. It has large build but with short leg. And that's become the laughing stock when we're teasing with RAngo. You must be asking 'What? Teasing a cat? As if they would understand'  
When you've been living with cats for lots of years, you're treating them more than just a cat. Seriously. My mum once was angry at Rango for mistake and he was treated like a little kid. I mean, my mom talked to Rango as if Rango was a child. And what's more, Rango seems to understand that it was being scold at. 

Rango has a round tummy when his full and as flat as possible when he is hungry. He's one spoilt cat. Not the snobbish arrogant whatsoever. He likes being pat. And the best time to let him sit on your lap is when it's hungry or wants more food. 

Rango is a magnificent cat but it is shy. Very shy, strangers especially. I remember during the festive celebration season, it'll hid itself somewhere upstairs, doesn't bother to eat or whatsoever and only, ONLY showed itself when the guests left the house. The other cat, Teddy is like his uncle Rango. Both very shy. It's very hard to even to snap a picture.
Feeling like a kid writing an essay as a homework,
Sweet Lee-Anne 

A little motivation :)

It's time to pack my bag and get up again.
I've fallen quite hard this time... But I know why. I sorta kinda expecting this sort of meltdown. Things had happened. There's nothing I can do to return back to those lost time.

It's time for me to move forward and creates the future that I wanted. It's up to me to make this happen.
Ain't nobody can hold me down. I know what to do now.

It's time to make a move and forget the past. The past will only haunt and torment you. You will get hurt if you just keep remembering the past. The past makes us to grow stronger. We live in the present. So we should do our best so that the same mistake won't repeat itself.

I won't forget my promises. I've out of track for a while now but don't worry, I'll be right on track, slowly but eventually.....

Miss Sweet Lee-Anne.... Fight On!!!

Friday, May 31, 2013


Just wanna share one of my favourite songs with you guys... :) I really love this song - Everybody by Backstreet Boys and yup it's kind a one of their old song but who cares as long as it is pleasant to the ears, right?
I'm out of my mind for while but here, the lyrics. Hope you guys can enjoy it as much as I do.

We've been through days of thunder  
Some people said we don't belong  
They try to pull us under
But here we stand together and we're millions strong 

Let's get on with the show (let's get started) 
Turn the lights down low (turn the lights down low)  
You were there from start (you were there) We know who you are
And this one goes out to…


Everyone, everyone, everyone 

 So this one goes out to you  Everyone  
We're standing strong 
'Cause of what you've done And this one goes out to you

We've been inside the circus  
We took the pleasure with the pain 
I guess there's something about us Whatever comes around we'll always stay the same, oh yeah Let's get on with the show (oh let's get started) Turn the lights down low (turn the lights down low) You were there from the start (you were there) We know who you are We know who you are
CHORUS - repeat
Now we're minutes away 'Til it's time to play Our heartbeats are rising, they're letting you in Time for the show to begin
We, we're standing strong 'cause of what you've done This one goes out to you, you, you You make us feel like we've just begun And this one goes out to you
CHORUS - repeat


I think that makes all thing clear.
There's nothing else to say.
Just this....

Flying outside of my mind, Sweet Lee-Anne '='

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fight till the end!

There are a few days left of lectures. Then we are off to study week and FINALLY the final examination for the 4th semester...
My heart is beating hard...

Am I ready?
Not really, not yet, coming soon.. I gotta do my best in my exams...
Fighting! Fighting!

But dui... No need to take this matter TOO extremely... It may be final exam but it is not like we are fighting in a blood shed battlefield. Just relax and take it easy. As long as you are ready and prepared as much as you could, then you will be fine.

Whatever it is never give, never lose hope and never say "Can't do it". Just try your best, and HE will do the rest.. Ah! Don't forget your tawakkal okay?

Smiling ear to ear for no reason,
Sweet Lee-Anne

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fallen Star

It has lost its glimmer.

It has lost its shine.

It has lost its shimmer.

It has been strayed for too long. Lost its purposes, forgotten its way. It avoided everything, destroyed anything.

It is never his fault or others fault. It is never the right or the wrong. 

It just has been lost. Lost as a fallen star. 

Without any rays emitted, without any sparkles produced. Just lost and alone.

It tries to get up but falls again. It tries to correct but always gets the wrong. It tries to forgive but they never forget. 

It is always alone yet never lonely. It is always smiling yet crying. It is always free but captive inside.

As sad it can be, as happy it can be. Whatever may come, it will always be a fallen star.

Sweet Lee-Anne


Another post by a wannabe like me. Huhuhu... Regarding the previous post - Study formula - It actually depends on each individual on how they study. Every single person has their own way of studying. Just simply following one may not be effective. But who knows?

     Let's just do whatever we kind according to our own capabilities...

Till then, toodles.

Fly high,
Sweet Lee-Anne

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Study Formula

Heyya folks!
Another nosy post by me. Hehe.. Just kidding.

My friends always asked me how I managed my studies and get the dean award every semester. They say they've already tried but somehow can't reach beyond what they want.

So for my friends out there, here my study formula. YOU guys will be DANG surprised when I reveal the secrets of my success.

To tell you the truth I really, really hate studying. *Gasp* Seriously. I don't really have a study table or what sort. I will watch movies, cartoons, anime and even played computer games till late night. I will only study for one hour or so, then my brain is not functioning well, and I will turned on my laptop and do what so ever. You might be asking, "You are kidding right? Then how the heck you are able to score at almost all subjects?"

Well, the secrets are these....
I put all my effort in it. After I've made my effort, TAWAKKAL is the next thing I do. I work hard(somehow) and do my best. Even I get sleepy in class, as long as you know the gist of what the lecturers/teachers are saying that'll be good enough.

 And I will always uphold my dearest father words.

-If the things around you get hard, let it be. It doesn't matter. What matter is that you know you can rise up again and never ever give up. If once you have given up, it will be hard for you to stand up again. No matter what happen, even you know you are right, they are wrong, KEEP YOUR MIND IN POSITIVE mode. No matter what. Even your heart is almost breaking apart, you have to be positive. Seriously, once your mind in positive thinking, you will be able to do anything.
-You need to set your mind positively. If you failed once, that doesn't matter. You just need to keep trying. Failure is only a test and once you've make an effort to change, you will be successful. Just put your heart in it and you can do it.    (My father's words of wisdom)

The next thing you need to remember is listen to whatever your parents say. They did it for our own good,besides they are more experienced than us. Even we may not like it, what can we do? We are just little people in this big world. They are our parents, no matter what.

Next, you must remember your intention of studying. Is it for fun, is it for fame or is it because your parents said so? You need to set your intention right. Only then you can achieve what you have always dreamed of.
You must also never forget to believe and have faith in whatever you do.

This formula also apply for your daily life too. DON'T ever ever GIVE UP!

Wannabe counselor,
Sweet Lee-Anne <3 <3

Holidays versus Assignment

Yea... After a while, finally I have time to write again in my blog. *Smile*. It just I've busy attending classes plus the Internet connection at my hostel is really, really dang slow. Seriously. Imagine one internet modem for about more than 50 students for every levels. My hostel have four levels. And imagine if those 50 students of each levels access the internet at the same time, IT"S MAYHEM. Waiting for one page to load can take more than 5 minutes. (Usually I will immediately close the web page as I am mad and tired and waiting).

Set that thing aside, now for the main thing. *Drum beating*
 It's holiday again!!!! Tada!.

This time around I have around 10 days of holidays. Yeah! I like it ahah ahah.


Even it's holiday season that doesn't mean I can simply dilly-dallying and just lazying doing nothing. The assignments from my lecturers are not much but each subject requires reading and needs to be reread over and over again. Or I will definitely forget all. Hahaha...

That's one thing. Another assignment is in my home itself. it's bigger if compare with the books I need to study. It's HOUSEWORK. HAhaha... Since I'm back home, the duty of housekeeping falls into my hand. As the eldest daughter, I NEED to do the job. Can't help it since my mother get tired easily. that doesn't matter. What matter is my stubborn younger sister won't help AT ALL!

She says she's busy, blablabla. She even said "You ARE the sister, YOU have to do it". Oh, how I wished to smack her head. Never mind. Since I've returned home, little sis, be prepare for your worst nightmare. HAhahahhaaha

The return of evil sister... (according to my younger brother and little sis)

*Sinister laugh*

Be prepared for spanking.....

Till then sayonara, Ja ne!

Sweet Lee-Anne :)