Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hmmm (In Confusion Mode)

It just had crossed my mind. I wonder and I really am wonder how people look at me? I mean what is their impression towards me. One of my friends said I always looked happy. My brother said I'm very strict and fierce. My old pal said "Dude, you're gentle yet you're very 'Ganas' "-lol. (during that time me and my friend Alya, we're rocking. hence come Dude)

Hmm.... Some people said it is very lucky to be me. I looked like I don't have any trouble, just always happy and smiling... Blablabla.

Hmm... How did you guys see me as? *Shrug* Who knows? Everyone has their own impression. I'm just lucky I've got a strong back supports. My LORD, my family, (my cats perhaps hehe (^^)v ).

Whatever. I'm just gonna live my life to its fullest while not neglecting my duties as HIS servant, as my parents' daughter.

Till then toodles,
Sweet Lee-Anne

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