Sunday, June 1, 2014

My cat :)

Wahh!!! Sashiburi desu!! It's been a while since I've updated this blog. So as a starter for this June, I'm gonna tell you a tale of a cat that has many names.

In my previous post, i've tell you about my cat Rango. Well, this story is still about Rango.

Rango has been together with my family for more than 4 years now and thank goodness he is still breathing although once in a while his 'old age' sickness will come by.

Rango, named after a character of a movie "RANGO" - since my mom is a huge fan of johnny depp :).
We trained him to use the bathroom as his litter box and luckily our teaching still sticks on him until today. Although some of the times, he will show protest of dissatisfaction by leaving his marks ie. his litter, somewhere in the house.

Even so, we still love him. After scolding him and give him extra attention, he finally reduced and gradually stopped his protests.

Now Rango has many names.
It started with Rango --> Mango --> Tango --> Agogo --> Agoji --> Rangoya --> (i like this latest name of his, somehow it turned out to be such name hehehe) Ah Meng <-- my mom's idea.

He is the only cat that have tonnes of names. Even our new family members (two kittens) do not possess such name privilege as Rango.

The new cat ONE : first I decided to call him (a male kitten) Miki, then somehow it turn out to be RAIN (my dad's idea) and in the end I just called him Meow Meow.
The new cat TWO: since we have RAIN, i even suggested to named the other kitten THUNDER. haha... my mom and i laughed at that idea. Then, my mom just call it Kenit since it has small body unlike her pal Meow Meow.

The ideas to name a cat have gone dried. So neko-tachi, gomenasai. You guys should just accept your names. HAhahahahaha... I'm such a bad master :P

~waiting for addition of cats' family~ heart beating, can't breathe. Will this come true soon or i need to wait hmmmmm

Well, till then toodles
Sweet Lee-Anne (packing stuff for school holidays with family)