Saturday, August 24, 2013

Evil lurks in me

I really hate people who doesn't want to give commitments. Can I kill you? (feeling  evil for a while)
*Sigh* I need your cooperation pal. If we are in this, we are in this together. If our plan backfired then we all die together.

So before I accidentally hit the wrong button, PLEASE lend me your hand. Come.
I wonder how things go extremely wrong between us? We used to be closed yet we are now so far away.
Just like the sky. It's empty. Sweet. Just like us. We are now empty. Perfect.

I'm really sorry if I'm the one who made things worst. But if you are wrong you need to lower your ego and just accept the face that you are wrong and I AM right.

I really wish to mend our friendship but if you are like that how am I suppose to repair the bridge that has already collapse. I don't want too prolong this matter. Like my Daddy say, this matter is only a small matter compare to what the reality actually offers.

Please, please, please open your eyes. View the world fairly. See through every inch of this world and face the fact that you have gone the wrong way. My only hope is to guide you and brings back the light that have been turned off. I know it will consume a lot of time. But I want the old you back. I miss the old time.

Really, truthfully. I want you back old friend. We have been astray and apart for far too long. It's the time to fix the road and continue our life. I don't want to live my life in regret. It sucks man.

Again, if I am wrong I am really, REALLY sorry. From my heart.

Feeling in the blues,
Sweet Lee-Anne...


Life is so complicated. Dot.

OR it it the people in the LIFE make it complicated?

Hmmmm... *Shrug*

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hmmm (In Confusion Mode)

It just had crossed my mind. I wonder and I really am wonder how people look at me? I mean what is their impression towards me. One of my friends said I always looked happy. My brother said I'm very strict and fierce. My old pal said "Dude, you're gentle yet you're very 'Ganas' "-lol. (during that time me and my friend Alya, we're rocking. hence come Dude)

Hmm.... Some people said it is very lucky to be me. I looked like I don't have any trouble, just always happy and smiling... Blablabla.

Hmm... How did you guys see me as? *Shrug* Who knows? Everyone has their own impression. I'm just lucky I've got a strong back supports. My LORD, my family, (my cats perhaps hehe (^^)v ).

Whatever. I'm just gonna live my life to its fullest while not neglecting my duties as HIS servant, as my parents' daughter.

Till then toodles,
Sweet Lee-Anne