Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm writing

Yea!!! I'm gonna write!! I'm not gonna write entries of my life for a little while... Hehehe... Let it be private for a while... Shhhhhh.... I did mention that I was brain fried, right. So to entertain myself, I'm gonna publish my very first story online via this blog!!! I'm kinda happy, totally... My story has several parts.. I couldn't post all them yet, let it mysterious... Ha! Ha!

My story entitled : Letters To Juliette.... Hopefully you'll enjoy it!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yada.. Yada.. Yada....

Phew! *Sound of pen scribbling on papers*
Yea!! I'm done with my first MAT112 test!!!! I'm so in the cloud nine... Yippi.. :)
The questions are not that tough, alhamdulillah... But I actually missed one question.. so bye-bye three marks!! i'm fine with it... It's okay... Hehhe... It's my mistake so SERVE ME RIGHT!!!

I was like so HAPPY!!!! (Plus too energetic..kihkih) Because the ALIEN that invaded my room for the past days is not here!!!! Yea!! No more worthless chit-chatting.. No more dot dot dot... For the first time since the alien came i feel extremely totally tremendously peaceful.. Yokatta!!(meaning thank goodness)Hopefully such day will last and that freaking alien will no longer attack my sweet peaceful room....... Hhaahhahahahhaha... I am turning EVIL.... Somebody taskete!!(meaning help me!!) Astaghfirullah... what am i becoming.... ish ish ish...
But you can't blame me, blame the ALIEN hehe okay okay, blame my room mate's friend. So I was like TOO happy... Hahahaha.. Sorry, sorry I'm becoming hyperactive tonight.....
Gomeinasai...(I'm sorry...) Blame the sugars...

Alright, my eye lids are getting heavier and heavier... I think I'll stop for now... I'll write again sooner or later...
Cau!! Adios amigos!!

Yada yada yada,
SweeT Lee-AnNe....;P

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just Saying....Dot DOt

Sometimes life can be so hard. Sometimes it will be DANG easy... Life's like a wheel, it just spins around and around and around until a force stopped it. That's how life is. 
It is almost A MONTH that I'm here in UiTM. Wow! I still felt that we just got here like a few days ago. Like today I'm done with my first MGT162's quiz(MGT stands for Fundamental of Management). HA! HA! I toasted it! Kihkih kih... Tomorrow will be my Business Maths's test 1! Feeling kinda nervous 'cause this'll be my first examination after six long months of dilly-dallying...
But I'm not gonna write 'bout my test or quiz. I'm writing of what I'm feeling LIKE now....
It's been so many days that I buried my angers and thankfully I am able to control my emotions... But there'll be times that I'll feel like strangling and choking people... Grrr.. Like this morning I was supposed to have group discussion. And ONLY FOUR people showed up! My team consists of nine person including me. The other four went AWOL. It was like, they didn't even show up and didn't say sorry at all!!! Is not like I want them to apologise but at least say something. To tell you the truth, I had lost my faith in them.... Completely.... Permanently...Dot.Dot. Full stop.
There's more to write but my mood ain't quite right because of them right now... Plus the annoying friend of my room mate is HERE again... Huh! Another creature that pisses me off...... Feeling like eating her ALIVE... I don't care and I won't mind....
*Sigh*Even so, life must go on... Whether I like it or not, I have to bear this cruel world, right? Its my LIFE and I will live it to the max.... Keep smiling, stay patient. Even if it hurts you so DANG much... You know that     there'll be someone that'll be watching over you...... Keep your faith and keep believing.......
*Clap* *Clap*
Go! Go! Chaiyouk! You  can do it Sweet Lee-AnNe!!
I love these words "Que Sera Sera"-What will be, will be
                             "Our future is ours to see"
                             "Que Sera Sera!!"

Depressed yet cheerful,
SweeT Lee-AnNe :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tired.... Sleepy....

Today is Junior's Day with fellow DBS Seniors.... Tiring because I slept quite late the night before.... It's not my fault really. There's disturbance in my room. Can't sleep because one of room mates brought her NOISY friend along and they talked like for HOURS!!!! Can you sleep with some chatters beside you ears?? No right? I want to scold them but I promised myself that I don't wanna get mad at all... Even so my patience had its limit. So I directed my angers into TEARS.... Seriously..... Blame them..... They'd hurt me deep inside... Geez..... Life's can be so darn hard!! What eve-! I wanna sleep now.... My eyes are starting  to get heavy.... *Yawn*
See ya next entry!! Adios!

Snoozing while typing,
SweeT Lee-AnNE

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something for my friends.....

I came across a song from BROTHERS (a 'nasyid' group).... It touches my heart.... Reminding of the days with my darling dear friends back in Junior College..... Hope ya all will like it (the lyrics) and enjoy it....

SeLaMaT BeRjUanG - BrOthErs
Malam siang berlalu,
Gerhana kesayuan;
Tiada berkesudahan.

Detik masa berlalu,
Tiada berhenti;
Oh syahdunya.

Sejenakku terkenang,
Hakikat perjuangan;
Penuh onak dan cabaran.

Bersama teman-teman,
Harungi kehidupan;
Oh indahnya.

Berat rasanya,
Di dalam jiwa,
Untuk melangkah;
Meninggalkan semua.

Kasih dan cinta,
Yang terbina;
Ia kan selamanya.

Selamat berjuang sahabatku,
Semoga Allah berkatimu,
Kenangan indah bersamamu,
Takkanku biar ia berlalu,
Berjuanglah hingga ke akhirnya;
Dan ingatlah semua ikrar kita.

Hati ini sayu,
Mengenangkan sengsara;
Di dalam perjuangan.

Jiwaku merana,
Dan meronta mengharapkan;
Kedamaian dan jua ketenangan.

Ku akur pada hakikat;
Suka dan duka dalam perjuangan.

Perlu ketabahan,
Dan kekuatan;
Keteguhan hati berlandaskan iman.

Selamat berjuang sahabatku,
Semoga Allah berkatimu,
Kenangan indah bersamamu,
Takkanku biar ia berlalu,
Berjuanglah hingga ke akhirnya;
Dan ingatlah semua ikrar kita.....

p/s: cherish your life and live your life to the max!!!

Lovey dovey,
SweeT Lee-AnNe :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Missing my darling cats.... Huhuuhuuu

I've fill in my stomach already. Yea!!!!!!! Burp.... Too FULL... Hehehehehe..... This is my second entry for today... It just that I've been missing my cats....(one kitten one tommy cat).. Don't get me wrong! I do MISSED my parents. Really....(I always called them OKAY like every two nights). It just that I WAS the one who raised my darling little angels... I was the one who feed them.(my tommy cat that is, the kitten just came when I'm not at home so that one doesn't count)
This is my favourite cat. It's name Boboi...(We couldn't find names for it, can you believe it?) But I called my cat Mr. Michael Bulat!! HAhahahaa.. Because this cat is kinda fleshy and chubby!!! Not my fault, okay?? My boboi just love to eat and doze off... So it turned FAT.. But when I teased Boboi, it will growl at me and marches off somewhere else..hehehe... This Cat is part of my life... I loved it dearly... Huuhuhuhuhu.. Missing it...... Hmm I wonders what is the cat doing now?? Hmmmmm

Anyway, there's another sunshine that enter my life, it's just a small kitten and I'm not sure if it's still at home.. Hmmmm....

It's my sister's idea giving this name... Hahahaaha.. Such a cutie, isn't she??

Hmm I guess I need to end my writing, 'cause it's the CURSE OF the WIRELESS...

Loving loving,
SweeT Lee-AnNe :)


RRrrrrrrrrrrr............. I'm hungry!!!!! Feeling like eating LOTS LOTS and LOTS of FOOD!!!!!  My last meal was chicken soup and that's it. Hmmmmmm..... what should I eat to entertain my stomach??? I feel like I could eat an entire bus!!! Wahahahahahahahahahaha....
Sorry, sorry.... Just TOO hungry..... And my notebook (it's my brother's actually) looks like a large plate of PIZZA..... Hahahahaha.... Hopefully I don't cross the line by biting my own notebook! ;P...

Searching for FOOD,
SweeT Lee-AnNe

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm out of colour!!!

Today I'm feeling quite unwell... Well due to the sudden weather change plus the air-conditioner... I really really can't stand cold situation.. Hahahah I know you're laughing at me... but it's true!!!! I can't stand cold room, cold drink, cold climate and whatsoever cold... My father used to laugh at me.. He said,"Lee-AnNe! How you gonna survive if you further your study overseas?? Study locally, Lee-Anne...." And what he said came true... I'm studying locally at a UiTM.... But still I'm over the seas!!! :) Yada yada yada... I'm having fever right now... Brrrrrr........ And I'm sticking Mr Cool Fever on my forehead.... :)..... Wish me get well soon!!!

BTW: 'Cause I'm sick, I miss my presentation.... Huhuhuhuuu.. I spend all day sleeping...

Having fever ON and OFF,
SweeT Lee-AnNe

Friday, June 10, 2011

LAla....( no idea of the title hihihihi)

It's my second entry for today... Just feeling extremely bored... Nothing to do... Hhahahaahahhhaa....
Hmm.... Tomorrow I'll be back to a new life in university.... Hmmmm... feeling kinda lazy to be back there... Argh!!! I miss my cats so so much!!! HAhahahaah... Can you believe that I miss my cats more than I miss my friends?? Ceh, what a friend am I? Ish...ish.. ish.....

Ugh.... Seriously, I've no idea(YET) to fill in the blog... Well, my mind is blank now... BRAINFREEZE from ice cream... HAHAHAHAHA... Anyhow, I think I'll write again sometime... Till, then muah!

Bucketful of sunshine
SweeT Lee-AnNe

Heyya People!!!

Wow!! I finally did it! I've a blog after this whole years... Hahahaha... call me lame because seriously I'm not that kind of person who likes to surf the Net..... But I feel like I wanna share things with the world... You people out there are invited to write along if you want to. 

Ever since I'm a little kid, I always dream on having a blog of my own... And now officially, I HAVE A BLOG!!! Yea!!! Hahahaha.... I'm feeling like hyper kids already... So people enjoy it or just leave it....,literally.....

Lots of love,
SweeT Lee-AnNe