Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fight till the end!

There are a few days left of lectures. Then we are off to study week and FINALLY the final examination for the 4th semester...
My heart is beating hard...

Am I ready?
Not really, not yet, coming soon.. I gotta do my best in my exams...
Fighting! Fighting!

But dui... No need to take this matter TOO extremely... It may be final exam but it is not like we are fighting in a blood shed battlefield. Just relax and take it easy. As long as you are ready and prepared as much as you could, then you will be fine.

Whatever it is never give, never lose hope and never say "Can't do it". Just try your best, and HE will do the rest.. Ah! Don't forget your tawakkal okay?

Smiling ear to ear for no reason,
Sweet Lee-Anne