Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Suddenly, I've got the urge to listen to old English songs (the songs are NOT that old)
You know, there's BLUE- All rise, One Love; Westlife- Soledad, BackStreetBoys- Straight to my heart, incomplete...

These are among the songs that I still love to listen to. No matter how much the time past, old songs ROCK!

Let's rack up the MP3 with these oldies!! *Headphone by the ears, volume to the max*

Keep rocking!!!

'Bout needs and wants

Yo! Konichiwa. It's been a while since I wrote an entry for this blog. Just feeling lazy - as usual- LOL.. hahaha. Anyway, somehow today I felt like writing something.

This took place nearly two (2) weeks ago. You must say, "What! It's already been 2 weeks and only today YOU are posting it?!!!" Hahahahaha... The reason is simple. It just crossed my mind about this.

2 weeks ago, I have this personal talk with my dad while waiting for my mummy and my little sister ( I called her 'habuk' - hahahaha- because she's everywhere like dust and she called me 'kipas' since I always blow her away, well sometimes it is TOO tiring to handle my over-talkative, sugar-rushed sister) ANYWAY, back to the story, we were waiting for both of them buying food at a fast food restaurant, I took the chance to talk with my dad.

We talked about many things. About my degree later on, about the course that I will choose in future, studying overseas, financial planning, yada yada and the most thing that he stress on was about needs and wants.

Needs and wants.
Two different thing.
Both need to be/ can be fulfilled.

But STILL they are separate matters.
In short, needs is something that is very essential in our life. We must have them in order to satisfy our life or we might felt disappointed. Needs are like food, clothing and so on.

Yet, wants are another thing. We might want that certain thing, but we may not necessarily need it. For instance, a mobile phone. It is becoming a need right now to have a phone but it does not have to be the latest model. You should just get one according to your capability of buying. You might not see it now but in future you will get what I mean. Basic functions of a mobile phone are for calling and texting, That is merely enough. Get the latest phone model after you have secured stable job. Buying now, will be like wasting of your money and your time and you will regret it.

Wants may not necessarily fulfilled like I said just now. Wants are that feeling that will make you feel complete once you have it BUT it is not a required needs. That's before making a decision, please take consider of all matters and only then you can make your choice....

That was what my dad(Mr. Hero) said.

Just like life.
Life is complicated.

But that's what make life so interesting. (^^,)        >Sweet Lee Anne + Mr. Hero<