Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sometimes seeing the world from different views help to calm my mind.
With all the stacking reports and deadlines, I need some time off.

It's okay Sweet Lee-Anne. There are only three weeks left. 3 weeks. Then you can be at home for a WEEK and finally sits for your final examinations.

Wow, time surely flies very fast. It seems like yesterday I've just started my Diploma in Business Studies. And soon, I'm going to finished my diploma. What will the road prepared for me after this?

Hmmmm.... Well, no matter what will happen, I'll be me, just me. No one can can change me :)

Note to self: Need to think my plannings during semester break. What will I do?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A surprise, maybe NOT!

HAha... Soon my beloved Mummy will have her 46th birthday and I thought of giving her a surprise.

Konon2 nya la nak beli hadiah via online for my dear mom. I thought of giving her a bouquet of flowers, just want to do something crazy once in a while. I Googled and search one or two online florist. I eyes finally fixated on one shop. The flowers arrangement is quite nice.

Okay, I followed the instruction.
1) Choose purchase for occasion.
2) picked birthday
3) method of payment ATM/bank transfer.
4) delivery to penang is free.
5) Delivery can reach ur home in an hour.

choose the flowers, select the colours. and finally i saw my nightmare. A dozen of flower (A DOZEN) cost about RM198.00!!! Dang! Out of my budget daaaa.. In my account pun cuma tinggal RM110 shj and ada hati nak post flower bouquet to mummy.

In the end, I gave my crazy idea and back to old style(well myb not that old style). I just took a picture, edit with texts, record a sound and pressed send.

DONE. Settle. No money charged. (Since my number are family number so there won't be any charge between family). Problem solved.