Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tired.... Sleepy....

Today is Junior's Day with fellow DBS Seniors.... Tiring because I slept quite late the night before.... It's not my fault really. There's disturbance in my room. Can't sleep because one of room mates brought her NOISY friend along and they talked like for HOURS!!!! Can you sleep with some chatters beside you ears?? No right? I want to scold them but I promised myself that I don't wanna get mad at all... Even so my patience had its limit. So I directed my angers into TEARS.... Seriously..... Blame them..... They'd hurt me deep inside... Geez..... Life's can be so darn hard!! What eve-! I wanna sleep now.... My eyes are starting  to get heavy.... *Yawn*
See ya next entry!! Adios!

Snoozing while typing,
SweeT Lee-AnNE

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