Friday, June 17, 2011

Missing my darling cats.... Huhuuhuuu

I've fill in my stomach already. Yea!!!!!!! Burp.... Too FULL... Hehehehehe..... This is my second entry for today... It just that I've been missing my cats....(one kitten one tommy cat).. Don't get me wrong! I do MISSED my parents. Really....(I always called them OKAY like every two nights). It just that I WAS the one who raised my darling little angels... I was the one who feed them.(my tommy cat that is, the kitten just came when I'm not at home so that one doesn't count)
This is my favourite cat. It's name Boboi...(We couldn't find names for it, can you believe it?) But I called my cat Mr. Michael Bulat!! HAhahahaa.. Because this cat is kinda fleshy and chubby!!! Not my fault, okay?? My boboi just love to eat and doze off... So it turned FAT.. But when I teased Boboi, it will growl at me and marches off somewhere else..hehehe... This Cat is part of my life... I loved it dearly... Huuhuhuhuhu.. Missing it...... Hmm I wonders what is the cat doing now?? Hmmmmm

Anyway, there's another sunshine that enter my life, it's just a small kitten and I'm not sure if it's still at home.. Hmmmm....

It's my sister's idea giving this name... Hahahaaha.. Such a cutie, isn't she??

Hmm I guess I need to end my writing, 'cause it's the CURSE OF the WIRELESS...

Loving loving,
SweeT Lee-AnNe :)

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