Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just Saying....Dot DOt

Sometimes life can be so hard. Sometimes it will be DANG easy... Life's like a wheel, it just spins around and around and around until a force stopped it. That's how life is. 
It is almost A MONTH that I'm here in UiTM. Wow! I still felt that we just got here like a few days ago. Like today I'm done with my first MGT162's quiz(MGT stands for Fundamental of Management). HA! HA! I toasted it! Kihkih kih... Tomorrow will be my Business Maths's test 1! Feeling kinda nervous 'cause this'll be my first examination after six long months of dilly-dallying...
But I'm not gonna write 'bout my test or quiz. I'm writing of what I'm feeling LIKE now....
It's been so many days that I buried my angers and thankfully I am able to control my emotions... But there'll be times that I'll feel like strangling and choking people... Grrr.. Like this morning I was supposed to have group discussion. And ONLY FOUR people showed up! My team consists of nine person including me. The other four went AWOL. It was like, they didn't even show up and didn't say sorry at all!!! Is not like I want them to apologise but at least say something. To tell you the truth, I had lost my faith in them.... Completely.... Permanently...Dot.Dot. Full stop.
There's more to write but my mood ain't quite right because of them right now... Plus the annoying friend of my room mate is HERE again... Huh! Another creature that pisses me off...... Feeling like eating her ALIVE... I don't care and I won't mind....
*Sigh*Even so, life must go on... Whether I like it or not, I have to bear this cruel world, right? Its my LIFE and I will live it to the max.... Keep smiling, stay patient. Even if it hurts you so DANG much... You know that     there'll be someone that'll be watching over you...... Keep your faith and keep believing.......
*Clap* *Clap*
Go! Go! Chaiyouk! You  can do it Sweet Lee-AnNe!!
I love these words "Que Sera Sera"-What will be, will be
                             "Our future is ours to see"
                             "Que Sera Sera!!"

Depressed yet cheerful,
SweeT Lee-AnNe :)

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