Monday, February 25, 2013

Fallen Star

It has lost its glimmer.

It has lost its shine.

It has lost its shimmer.

It has been strayed for too long. Lost its purposes, forgotten its way. It avoided everything, destroyed anything.

It is never his fault or others fault. It is never the right or the wrong. 

It just has been lost. Lost as a fallen star. 

Without any rays emitted, without any sparkles produced. Just lost and alone.

It tries to get up but falls again. It tries to correct but always gets the wrong. It tries to forgive but they never forget. 

It is always alone yet never lonely. It is always smiling yet crying. It is always free but captive inside.

As sad it can be, as happy it can be. Whatever may come, it will always be a fallen star.

Sweet Lee-Anne

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