Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Holidays versus Assignment

Yea... After a while, finally I have time to write again in my blog. *Smile*. It just I've busy attending classes plus the Internet connection at my hostel is really, really dang slow. Seriously. Imagine one internet modem for about more than 50 students for every levels. My hostel have four levels. And imagine if those 50 students of each levels access the internet at the same time, IT"S MAYHEM. Waiting for one page to load can take more than 5 minutes. (Usually I will immediately close the web page as I am mad and tired and waiting).

Set that thing aside, now for the main thing. *Drum beating*
 It's holiday again!!!! Tada!.

This time around I have around 10 days of holidays. Yeah! I like it ahah ahah.


Even it's holiday season that doesn't mean I can simply dilly-dallying and just lazying doing nothing. The assignments from my lecturers are not much but each subject requires reading and needs to be reread over and over again. Or I will definitely forget all. Hahaha...

That's one thing. Another assignment is in my home itself. it's bigger if compare with the books I need to study. It's HOUSEWORK. HAhaha... Since I'm back home, the duty of housekeeping falls into my hand. As the eldest daughter, I NEED to do the job. Can't help it since my mother get tired easily. that doesn't matter. What matter is my stubborn younger sister won't help AT ALL!

She says she's busy, blablabla. She even said "You ARE the sister, YOU have to do it". Oh, how I wished to smack her head. Never mind. Since I've returned home, little sis, be prepare for your worst nightmare. HAhahahhaaha

The return of evil sister... (according to my younger brother and little sis)

*Sinister laugh*

Be prepared for spanking.....

Till then sayonara, Ja ne!

Sweet Lee-Anne :)

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