Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A little motivation :)

It's time to pack my bag and get up again.
I've fallen quite hard this time... But I know why. I sorta kinda expecting this sort of meltdown. Things had happened. There's nothing I can do to return back to those lost time.

It's time for me to move forward and creates the future that I wanted. It's up to me to make this happen.
Ain't nobody can hold me down. I know what to do now.

It's time to make a move and forget the past. The past will only haunt and torment you. You will get hurt if you just keep remembering the past. The past makes us to grow stronger. We live in the present. So we should do our best so that the same mistake won't repeat itself.

I won't forget my promises. I've out of track for a while now but don't worry, I'll be right on track, slowly but eventually.....

Miss Sweet Lee-Anne.... Fight On!!!

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