Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hahahaa.... It's been a while since I'd updated my dear blog... Not that I was busy but, the Internet connection at my hostel is really, REALLY sucks! Yikes! Plus, I couldn't assess to the Internet as I am facing problems with my little laptop. Hmmm... What eva! Wargh!!!!!


Hmmmmm... Actually I have lots, lots, in fact TONNES of stories to shared with y'all but... Like usual, the internet sucks... ahahahah......

Do you notice that I've published all parts of my story? Yea.. I've finished writing it earlier but I was feeling a little bit lazy to publish it... *Prghzz* What a person I am, lazy? Hahahahaha..... I'm bored actually.. So i'm writing according to my liking...


I'll feed you with the stories later, when I have more free time to spare.

P/s: if you managed to finish reading all part of my story, CONGRATULATION!!! You guys are one of my lucky early readers as i would like to publish Letters to Juliette soon... So wait for the arrival of the book!!!!

Chow!!! See ya some other time!!!
Sweet Lee-Anne ;)

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