Thursday, November 3, 2011


Wargh!!!! I've made a record!! I've not been updating any of my accounts for about A MONTH!! Huhuhuhu..
Just being lazy and what so ever.... BTW, I'm still in hoooliday mood even though my sweet semester break will end this coming 19th Nov. (sob sob). Hahahaha... I can't believe it. My sweet hoooliday is going to OVER soon... Waaaaa!!! (Though most of the time my holidays is bitter sweet, hehehe ;) )

Hey. I realised something. I'm building fat in my tummy!! hahahahaha...
THIS WHAT YOU GET when you ARE NOT EXERCISING at ALL.. Serve me right.... Lalalalala

Anyway, today(4th Nov) I'll get to now my first examination result.. *Panting* A little bit worried and nervous plus crazy(I'm not myself today) Hopefully, I'll manaGE TO OBTAIN good results or trust me, my dear parents will be really disappointed.. And I don't wanna do that...

Wish me luck my chummies... eventhough you're about only 5-8 people only, better than none right... Hahahaha... I'm feeling a little bit out of my mind.... Yada yada yada

FYI, I've just recently come across with the latest CN BLUE's mv, In my head.. It's great!!!
I'm a fan of this band!!! Their songs are just great!!

Anyway, I need to go now. I'm using my Daddy's laptop so he wants it back, better give it..


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